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KinkForAll DC: Components of Gender

WordPress forbids me to embed the video, but you can follow the link to Vimeo. It was recorded by Helio_Girl and processed and uploaded by MayMay at the KinkForAll unconference that happened in Washington, DC in November (thanks to the amazing work of Nikolasco and others).

This is the talk I gave on what I saw as the components of gender, inspired by a conversation with Nobilis on Twitter a few weeks before the unconference. The video is about 30 minutes long and includes discussion with Adisson and other participants I can’t readily link. At this time I cannot provide a transcript but there will be one forthcoming.

If I can get permission to post an audio-only version in the podcast feed, I will do that too. Since I’m basically just slouching in a chair waving my hands around, this is essentially a talking-head video, and the least I can do for Nobilis is save him the trouble of ripping the audio himself. 😉


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