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Trans(re)lating: New Theme

I made this in about an hour in Garage Band, after a couple of false starts trying to find my rhythm. It’s just a mix of about six or seven samples, but I like it.

Embellish it as you see fit, just let me know so I can hear what you’ve done with it. ­čÖé

Licensing: Creative Commons License
Transrelating Theme by DDog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Transrelating theme


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I’ll be posting an audio version of this for the people who just listen to the podcast and don’t read the blog.

I will be changing the name of this podcast to Trans(re)lating.

At some point I will post the video of the same name I created for an activism class a few years ago, once I have the permission of all the participants. I’d planned to do it anyway, but it ties in nicely in this case.

The only problem now is how to make the transition. This blog, all previous episodes, my Feedburner account, and the email address associated with this podcast are all “ask a tranny.”

  1. I don’t think I can change the LibSyn address unless I buy a new account, and either cancel this one, or keep it to maintain the six episodes I’ve already posted. I don’t want to just disappear the record created on this site (episodes, posts, comments), but I also don’t want to keep paying for a website I’m no longer using. I think I could mask it with another domain name, but I don’t know whether that means no one will see the LibSyn address again or the new URL will merely redirect.
  2. I┬ámay┬áredo the episodes I’ve already done. There are only six of them after all, one of which doesn’t even have the old opener/closer; it wouldn’t be that hard to edit in new titles and contact information. I don’t want to perpetuate a title I have decided is problematic for me, but I also don’t want to pretend I didn’t start out as Ask A Tranny.
  3. I can change the name in the Feedburner link easily, but I don’t know how that will affect subscribers. Most of my listeners use iTunes and I┬áthink┬áI can change the feed that iTunes pulls down without too much trouble, but I don’t want to strand those who don’t use iTunes.
  4. All decent variations of “transrelating” that I can think of are unavailable as Gmail addresses. I don’t use my personal email address for the podcast because it’s long, obscure, and hard to spell.

I know I should have thought about this when I started the podcast last year, but I was in a different place last year. (Weren’t we all.)

I’ll also be changing the format slightly to go with the new name. I realized I had a lot of episodes I wanted to do without listener questions associated with them. I’ll still be answering questions (I’ve got four or five in the pipeline right now) so please keep sending them in, but I also want to do videos, book and movie reviews, interviews and discussions, feedback, and general topics without ending up with more “special” episodes than regular ones. Special episodes will probably end up being cross-posted episodes from other podcasts I think are relevant.

Thanks for sticking by me during my erratic update schedule. I do have a running list of possible future episodes that’s over 30 ideas long now; the only thing is to get back on a schedule for writing and recording them. My semester is almost over, so I should be able to start back up properly by January.

If anyone has any tips or comments, I’d appreciate it.

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