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This episode carries the old name of the podcast. Some of my reasons for the change can be found here.

00:00 Opening
01:38 Introduction to the episode
01:58 Upcoming events:

Balticon (Baltimore) May 22-24
Drum & Splash (Four Quarters Farm, Artemas, PA) July 1-5
Artscape (Baltimore) July 17-19
Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival(?) (Baltimore)
Dragon*Con(?) (Atlanta) September 3-6

04:48 Question: Does clothing matter? [Anonymous]
12:12 Upcoming episodes & contact information
13:49 Closing
14:20 Promo for “Nina Kimberly the Merciless” by Christiana Ellis
Links mentioned:
Four Quarters Farm 
Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival 
Nina Kimberly the Merciless 

Podcasters mentioned:
Christiana EllisChris LesterJohn CmarEarl NewtonGeorge HrabHeather WelliverGrailwolfJC HutchinsJR BlackwellJared Axelrod,Kimi AlexandreMAinPAMur LaffertyNobilis Reed*, PC HaringPG HolyfieldPaul FischerPaulette JaxtonPhil RossiPhilippa Ballantine,Podcasting’s Rich SigfritScott SiglerSoccergirlSteve EleyTee Morris 
*adult content

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Ask A Tranny 004: Does Clothing Matter?

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